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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pioneering for our telomeres (the stringy thingies)

The Alliance for Aging Research  has up-to-date articles on research on aging that are very interesting.


I was especially interested in the research showing calorie restriction lengthens life.

Once upon a time, my ancestors ate to live.  Somehow we have jumped the track and we find food to BE the social playground.  I think we better go out to the real playground more often and get back on track!!

I feel a little hypocritical saying that, because I am a great great great fan of "Pioneer Woman".  I love to watch the food she cooks up for the kids, hubby and ranch hands!  As soon as her program is over, I turn off the TV and head to the kitchen to see if I can duplicate the feast!

Like the doctor said, "You have to stop having all those intimate dinners for 4, unless you invite 3 other people."

Hope you like the research that says it's possible to get healthier and live longer.....that your telomeres can actually grow if you restrict calories!
That is stunning news about our DNA stringy thingies!