I've Landed!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I admit it.  I am unhappy with my hair.

OK.  I admit it.  I am grateful I even have hair.

Has your luxurious hair changed over time?

At least I had luxurious hair when I was young.

I once worked with an unusual looking, but attractive, youngish woman who had been born without eyebrows or eyelashes.
It took newcomers who came into the work arena months to figure out her "problem".  It was funny, even to her, to watch people try to figure out "what  was strange about her".
See, she painted her lips bright, bright red.
I mean BRIGHT red!

You knew at a glance that there was "something about Ginger".....
but nobody that I knew of figured it out on their own.
Ginger always had to be the one to break the secret.
"I have no eyebrows or eyelashes!" she would eventually confess so the puzzled stare could finally stop.

Camouflage.  We all need a bit of it somewhere sometime.

Sometimes camouflage is just a trick to draw attention elsewhere.

Ginger didn't paint eyebrows on her face.

 She painted red on her lips.

Frankly my big hope is that somebody designs a personal cloaking device.

Too heck with camouflage!
Too  heck with artistic trick-of-the eye manuevers.
I want, I need, a personal cloaking device.
I am getting the yen to be a kid again and slide down the sliding board....and to spy on some of my neighbors rather than talk with them.....
and to heist a few items from the local supermarket!  (stealing is more about anger than need, you know)

I'm thinking I have to put all these "new desires" on hold until personal cloaking devices come out.

I am thinking I would be happy with a personal cloaking device.
Free at last!  Free at last!  Thank God Almighty I am free at last!

Do you think your behavior would change if you had a personal cloaking device?

Would I even comb my hair?  Surely I would stop the dye job.  And what about my bangs?
I don't have one picture of me since I grew hair at 5 months old, without bangs!
Bangs look cute on a baby and on toddlers...even on a teenager, but I am beginning to believe I have that Mamie Eisenhower look that no doubt contributed to Ike's alleged inability to stay true.
Can you blame the man for not staying true to an old woman with bangs?
Recall, if you will, the luxurious hair of his driver, Kay.  No bangs for that fashion model!

I pulled my bangs off my forehead the other day, desparate for a break in how I look, and I can tell you there was NO IMPROVEMENT.

Bangs are my little attempt at a cloaking device.
And I am beginning to admire...barely.....those teenage girls and young women with globs of stringy hair covering one eye and half their face.  Cloaking.

I am telling you, design a personal cloaking device and it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

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