I've Landed!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wit incompetence

Don't you just love adult kids with a sense of humor?

Like my daughter at my sister's funeral at which I spoke.  The much younger man who owed the Funeral Home sought me out afterwards to tell me how much he enjoyed my speech, what an excellent speech it was.
Pride.  The universal sin.  Even at a funeral.  I sought out my daughter to tell her about my great compliment, and she smiled and said, "It was a good speech, Mom, but that man is just currying future business....as...in...YOU!"
Ha Ha Ha.

They're all so cute.

And just yesterday my son and I went to lunch together.  Feeling good, I made some comment about something funny around us.....and he just broke up laughing!   "Mom!  You used to be such a wit, but I think you better drop the wit routine.  You have become "wit incompetent"!

What can I say?  I don't even remember what I was trying to be witty about!

Does that rank up there with my going out in my yard in my night clothes?
I did that just the other evening.  Something I wanted to see and sure as heck didn't want to re-dress to go see.
Call it lazy if you will.
Call it poor judgement if you must.
I knew what I was doing......I just didn't care.  I was covered.

But I must admit this is new behavior for me.  Never, even when I was trying to be cute and noticed, would I have gone out in the "public" yard in nighties!
As I was out trolling my grounds in my nighties, I suddenly remembered all the old women ......OLD women...I have seen through out the years out in their yards in nighties.  Lots.
Flannel gowns.

Don't remember seeing any old guys doing the yard parade.
Probably because their "nighties" are of such ilk that somebody would call the police!

Some people miss their former good looks as they age.
Some people miss their former wit.