I've Landed!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Who's reading books?

More women, 81 percent, read books, compared to 70 percent of men, and the 
number of readers declines as people age
The trend toward e-books impacted libraries, which stocked and loaned more e-books.

Pew Research Center
according to Reuters

As you probably know, I have a goal to read 52 books this


Wow.  Can I tell I am old!  

Some reader suggested a way to modify that goal without 

getting rid of the numbers!  I listened!  Reading 52 books 

doesn't mean sitting down (in pain) and actually plowing

 through 52 books with 300 pages apiece!!!!! 

Choose cooking books!   

Choose children's books!  

Choose picture books!

I picked up a little book on "Slang" and that was interesting!

I don't remember anything I read in that little old book,

but I do remember the feeling:  that slang sure

changes over time.  Learned something!

I  have also become a fan of "scanning".  Read the first part, 

scan the middle part and read the last part.  Does that count?

Read the cliff notes.  Pretend I am back in high school!

Another little tip:  make no effort to remember what you read!

Count the little 30 page "article" on nursing that you bought 

on line and had to read for credit towards your nursing 


Listen to the book on tape.  Is that reading?

Read a book I've already read.  Does that count?

***Accept this little lesson in goal setting as 

education .........move on..........

and stop ruining the joy of reading!!    

Modifying and "up-grading" goals as we proceed is wise.  
Be careful making a goal next year to read 52 books!

Still looking for ways to make it count,